New Soul Science™

An introductory course with Ruby Bedi

The Introduction to New Soul Science course offers profound wisdom alongside radically simple concepts and techniques that collapse time, allowing instantaneous personal transformation. The foundational teachings of this introductory course reveal the profound inner ability each human has to access and fulfill their individual soul script or 'Soul Promise'. Awakening this ability leads to the mastery of one’s destiny! The concepts are totally original, immensely powerful and completely revolutionary; they ignite an infinite fire within each listener, fuelling one’s ability to live out their unique Soul Promise.

The laws of creation and the speed of time have recently change. As a result, all of existence is in the process of rising from a chaotic state to a healthy and fertile vibration. This vibration cradles the infinite power to create, producing a reality where our thoughts quickly become the generative actions for infinite possibilities. This field of possibilities has emerged at a whole different level across every sector, including one’s inner being and individual choices about how to function at an optimal level in the modern world. For the first time ever we are experiencing a new, upgraded, updated soul consciousness, the 'New Soul'. We've always known we can change our minds and our bodies, but felt that the soul consciousness was a permanent life force. This is no longer true - we can, more than ever before on this planet, access various dimensions and manifestations of our individual soul chemistry and soul organization. There’s no work towards this. It's not a process of declaring, "I'm going to change my soul consciousness". It’s already changed! We've already been updated but just haven’t recognized it yet.

We are simply going to become more aware of the new dimensions and manifestations, begin accepting them, and eventually use them. We're in the same world but the world will start to look different. In this new world, we’re going to have revolutionary ideas, inspirations, and breakthroughs. But remember, before a breakthrough can occur, something has to break down first. We call it chaos but we don’t need to be scared because it’s really good news. We’re going to have innovation we’ve never seen before; innovations in technology, medicine, human consciousness, social consciousness, mental consciousness and physical consciousness. So yes, it is time to experience the new world but always remember that you are new too. This is the exciting part!

Ruby  Bedi
Ruby Bedi

About Ruby

RUBY BEDI has been called a spiritual guide, mystic, counsellor, and iconoclast. Since 1992 she has been transforming lives through dialogue, visions, past lives, meditation, and intuition.

Born in India, before age four she changed her given name to Ruby, announcing that this name best fit her purpose. This was her first act of free will, she says. With sharp intuition in her early years, she could connect and communicate inwardly with almost anyone and anything.

The Bedi household commonly played host to many sages, yogis, and enlightened beings. Thus, growing up in the company of the wise, Ruby quickly recognized that her way of thinking was unique and she was different from those around her. In order to preserve this uniqueness, she set aside a space in her mind for reflection and introspection. She later called it her “Mind Lab” and it became the birthplace of her insights, wisdom, and self-realization.

In her late teens, Ruby relocated to Canada. Her avid search for truth attracted experiences both challenging and dangerous, yet she continued on a self-prescribed journey with a knowing that one day she would find the unique purpose and reason for her existence. She was always aware she was being led, guided, and protected by a greater force. After a shattering spiritual breakthrough in 1992, she closed the door to her retail business overnight and, for the next decade, worked exclusively as a spiritual consultant, guiding individual clients on their soul journey and conducting group meditations, workshops, and intensives.

Then in 2005, while channelling her energy into real estate developments, Ruby had a second awakening that revealed to her the guiding insights for The Soul Promise, her second book. Today, Ruby provides guidance, meaning, and transformation to clients across North America and abroad. She is a popular radio and television guest and with her razor-sharp intuition and unique ability to connect people with their Soul Purpose, she inspires audiences whenever she speaks.

"Ruby is a bomb! I challenge anyone to spend a few hours with Ruby and not leave with a freshly rewired brain. Not only does she see right into your wildest neurosis, but without judgment she flips your harshest self-criticism into your highest calling. " Dr. Bruce Hoffman - Psychologist

"In our fast paced world, one tends to forget the simplest of things in our life — and that is where Ruby comes in. Her unique ability to draw you into the realm of mind, body and spirit is like nothing I have ever experienced, and probably never will again." Adrienne Batra - Manitoba Director

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